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Movie: Detour (English title)Revised romanization: OlleHangul: 올레Director: Chae Doo-Byeong
Writer: Chae Doo-Byeong
Producer: Choi Hyo-Joon
Cinematographer: Kim Hong-Sun
Release Date: August 25, 2016
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Distributor: Daemyung Culture Factory
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Joong-Pil (Shin Ha-Kyun), Soo-Tak (Park Hee-Soon) and Eun-Dong (Oh Man-Seok) are friends. They are all 39-years-old. Joong-Pil is still single and holds onto memories of his first love. He works as a section chief at large company. Soo-Tak is also single. He is consumed by the fact that the bar exam is soon set to go away entirely. He has studied for the bar exam for the past 14 years. Eun-Dong is the only one of the three friends who is married. He works as a news anchor. He receives a warning signal about his health.

The three friends leave for Jeju Island. 


Filming began May 14, 2015 at the Jeju International Airport.Filming finished July 5, 2015. The last scene filmed has Joong-Pil (Shin Ha-Kyun) preparing for his bar exam and learning his first love is about to marry.


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