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초대형 “산더미 감자탕” + 볶음밥에 영혼 가출?!! 🤯 영국남자 첫 감자탕 먹방!

Upload : 9 Jan 2019
Channel  : 영국남자 Korean Englishman
Duration : 11.44
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오늘은 영국남자 채널 최초로 감자탕을 먹어봅니다 - 이런 종류의 한국 소울푸드 전문가인 단앤 조엘과 함께...

감자탕 진짜 대박. 저희가 지금까지 먹었던 음식 중에 비주얼이 역대급으로 최고였어요!

Today we try gamjatang for the first time ever on our channel - with Dan and Joel, true Korean old timers when the comes to this type of Soul-Food...

And what a gamjatang it is. Potentially one of the most impressive looking meals we've ever had!

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this video:
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Producer/Editor: Grace Park
Producer/Editor/Translator: Hyemin Lim
Technical Director/Editor: Mike Kim
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee


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